since the very first piece was sold as any new york in 2003, the collections have continued to grow and evolve with every season. 
an artist at an early age, Naoyo remains true to her heart and gains inspiration from her surroundings. she currently lives and works in
new york city while continuing to draw from the organic. this stark contradiction between her urban environment and the natural surroundings  in which she was raised is the basis of her design philosophy.
she incorporates delicate details in every piece with a warm and playful spirit thus attaining bold intricacy and timelessness. the ten years of
new york experience has afforded Naoyo the opportunity to expand her  mind and to broaden her creativity while continuing to blur the line
between art and jewelry.

her distinct vision can be seen in her most recent series 'lava stream' and 'climbing vine.' every piece from theses two collections is created by melting or infusing raw material and chain thus evoking a 'couture’ feeling for those clients seeking a special piece of jewelry to add to their collections.